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Welcome to marijuanaanxiety.com, we are a group of professionals who are passionate about the complementary therapies and its help to a mental disorder like anxiety. 

We focused on mental well-being, we believed that this is the key to promoting wellness to an individual. As an organization, we started this support group 10 years ago when one of my close friends suffered from anxiety. 

It took a toll on his life. It affected his daily life and had been anxious to almost everything. In our eagerness to help him, we decided to study everything about anxiety and all the potential treatment to it. Fortunately, he has become strong after all that happened. He is now an active individual aiming to give support and understanding to the people suffering from anxiety.



Our mission

  1. We raise awareness. Here in marijuanaanxiety.com, we are all striving to give all the learning and understanding about anxiety. We promote awareness about the disorder. This kind of disorder needs medical assistance.
  2. We encourage and support everyone. We are encouraging all the people who have an anxiety disorder to seek for help. We are supporting everyone to not be afraid and face all their fears.


We have been searching for the possible treatment until we become interested in the potential effect of marijuana on anxiety. We noticed that most people are seeking treatment with the help of marijuana. We do our research, and now we make sure that we provide unbiased details and analysis about cannabis and its effect on specific diseases. We make sure that we fill up all your minds with reliable and accurate information about marijuana and anxiety.